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Ceramics / Soviet Ceramics. XX Century


8 items: cream-jug, tray, vase, tea-caddy with lid, cup, saucer, ashtray

Zolotov U.B., Gorkova A.A.

form author, painting autor


Moscow region, Dmitrov

КП 27658-27664, КСФР 1742-1748

Porcelain, painting over glaze, gold plating

Ceramics Department

The set was made by the leading master of the factory Yuri Borisovich Zolotov (1948-2010) and the artist Alevtina Andreevna Gorkova (born in 1945) in 1988. Clear asymmetrical forms of the items matches the vivid geometry of the paintings. Panoramic views of modern constructions cover all planes and edges of the items. The idea of the author is expressed and revealed even in the slightest details (the lids shaped as hard hats, and square-shaped windows covered with golden paint as if they are glowing with light).