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Ceramics / Porcelain, Faience and Majolica. XIX-early XX Centuries


Golovin, Alexander Yakovlevich

design author

late 1890s

МХП 4788, НКФР 114

Majolica, relief, colored glaze, baking, gold plating

39,3х56,8х27 cm

Ceramics Department

An important stage in the history of the Abramtsevo workshop was its participation in the preparation of the Russian exposition at Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900. The interiors of the handicraft pavilion were ordered from the artist A.Y. Golovin. Russian ceramics with bright traditional elements won high appraisal both of the visitors and the jury. The Cockerel vessel and bird-shaped scoops were awarded with silver medals of the exhibition.