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November 16, 2017, 20:00. Tickets in the ticket office of the museum and on the site
On November 16, 2017, at 20:00, a concert of the brilliant Russian pianist and composer Vladimir Sverdlov-Ashkenazi will take place in the All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied and Folk Art.


On November 4, 2017, the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art invites to hold the Day of National Unity, which will flow into the evening, when music, literature, cinema and painting will merge into a single firework of the annual cultural and educational event "Night of Arts".


October 26, 2017 in the Center for Fashion and Design of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Art opens the exhibition "I ask to the table! Serving from Oksana Lychagina. " The exhibition presents more than 30 photos of the services created by the designer Oksana Lychagina. In these subject compositions are combined dishes and hand-made and mass production items from different countries and epochs, including the author's works by Oksana Lychagina herself. Photos are made in the technique of mobobot: they are made with the help of a smartphone and are not processed in photo editors.



The project will include lectures, public lectures, discussions, presentations and other formats of events. Modern Russian designers who create clothes, accessories, furniture, dishes, decor elements, interiors will tell about their projects and try to answer the question: what is the "Russian style" and what does this concept mean personally for them?


Alexander McQueen is one of the most outstanding designers of the late 1990s and early 2000s. He went down in history as the brightest rebel, bully and provocateur. And also as the greatest tailor with the richest imagination. Each of his things is unique - cut, details, embroidery, fabric stuffing. He did not just create clothes, he told the story, expressed his attitude to what was happening around. His collection - about him, about his thoughts, feelings, experiences. This is a world built according to its own laws. And in his own way he is perfect.


We invite you to visit the museum shop, where you can find unique presents and handmade products, books of art and crafts, exhibition catalogs and albums.


The permanent exposition "The Russian Style: From Historism to Modernity" was opened with a press-show at which the Director of the Museum and the curator of the permanent exposition told about the history of its creation and unique exhibits that will be available to a wide audience from October 20, 2017.


Since October 18, 2017 in the Center for Fashion and Design an exhibition of works by contemporary Russian designers "NEO" has opened, which will answer the question of what the dress code of the hero of our time. The exhibition features more than 30 items - dresses, coats, shoes and accessories, inscribed in modern context, but created with the use of authentic Russian textile techniques such as heel, embroidery, patchwork.