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Visual Materials

The Visual Materials Department was established in 1994, and it has turned into a unique collection of authored painting and graphics, counting more than 8,000 items of storage at present. The greater part of its fund is formed by rare and unique sketches of craftsmen working in various genres of decorative and applied art. The historical reach of the fund covers the period from the first half of the XIX century till our days.

Sketches of objects made in porcelain and porcelain works of plastic art by artists V. G. Vorobyevsky (1920s), I. I. Riznich (1920–1930s), V. M. Gorodetsky, B. Ye. Kalita, A. A. Chekulina. T. Z. Podryabinnikov (1920–1960s) and others are a pride of the department collection.

Sketches of glass forms are represented with watercolors by B. A. Smirnov (1960–1980s), V. Ye. Kovalsky (1920–1970s) . The Department keeps sketches of furniture and wood decorations from the S. T. Morozov collection (early XX century). The department also has sketches from the Peter Carl Fabergé album.

The Department of Authored Graphics of Textile and Costume Designers keeps sketches of such major XX century masters as A. G. Bychkova-Koltsova, L. Ya. Raitser, V. D. Lotonina, N. P. Ozernaya, N. V. Kirsanova, T. B. Chachkhiani, N. A. Golikova, G. N. Gagarina, L. G. Telegina.

We carefully keep albums of pouncing sketches of the masters of Fedoskino lacquer miniature from the second half of the XIX–early XX centuries, the Palekh Album with authored sketches by such prominent artists of this local craft of 1935–1945 as N. M. Zinovyev, P. D. Bazhenov, A. V. Chikurin, I. P. Vakurov, and others. The department also has works of contemporary artists active in lacquer miniature.

The arrival of the Voronovs (a family of art historians) collection was a great discovery – it is a unique collection of industrial graphics, starting with 1920s, on cigarette and match boxes.

The photo archive of the Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry, a part of the Department funds, contains many negatives and photographs collected by the researchers of the Institute of Art Industry in the course of the XX century. They registered stages in the manufacture of products from metal, wood, bone, ceramic products, papier-mâché products. Photo materials on the pattern weaving (lace), hand block printing, carpet-making are also widely represented. A special section deals with local crafts of different regions, cities and countries. A photo chronicle of art and industry exhibitions held during this period has a special place in this collection.

The collection of the department is of great interest to those involved in the design of exhibitions, and to professional researchers.