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Folk Ceramics and Toys
Collecting and promoting tradition folk art is an important component in the activities of the museum. Its collection of folk ceramics and toys forms one of the biggest in the department (about 9,000 objects). All genres and kinds of ceramics characteristic for folk culture, such as pottery, architectural and construction ceramics (tiles), sculpture, figured vessels in various ceramic substances, including majolica, faience and porcelain, manufactured by local crafts until the present, are represented in our funds.
Porcelain, Faience and Majolica. XIX-early XX Centuries
The collection of Russian porcelain, faience and majolica covers not only the products of major Russian factories, but also of most numerous private enterprises and provides a comprehensive and clear picture of the history of the Russian ceramics production in the XVIII-early XX centuries. The porcelain collection of the Museum contains objects from famous palace table services of the XVIII – early XIX century, including individual objects and small plastics.
Soviet Ceramics. XX Century
The museum collection of the Soviet porcelain is famous for its fullness diversity not only in this country, but also abroad. It is based on remarkable private collections of prominent performers L. O. Utesov, M. V. Mironova and A. S. Menaker. The best works of leading artists and sculptures are represented in the three halls of the Porcelain Gallery devoted to the history of Soviet porcelain. It is not an exaggeration to say that all the crucial events of the Soviet history found their reflection in artistic porcelain.