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The collection of costume counts more than 3,200 exhibits, and about 1,900 of them are from the collection of the Museum of Folk Art (the former Crafts Museum) transferred to our museum in 1999. The existing fund reflects several trends in collecting and includes the following sections: Russian Traditional Costume of the XVIII – early XX centuries; Ethnic Costumes of Peoples Living in the Territory of the Russian Federation; Urban Costume of the XIX – early XX Centuries, and the Authored Costume of the Second Half of the XX Century.
Artistic Textile
Artistic textile includes artworks created in diverse textile media, and the use of diverse technologies to create products of various shapes and purposes. Our funds present an extensive collection of artistic textile that chronologically covers the period from the XVII century to our days.
Carpets and Tapestry
The Carpet and Tapestry Fund contains the carpets of the late XIX–XX centuries produced by craftsmen and industrial enterprises, and the works of modern tapestry artists. Our collection features works manufactured by unusual methods, and with the use of such materials as horsehair, sisal, synthetic fibers. There are artworks in our collection which combine various genres in decorative and applied art, such as carpet-making, embroidery, decorative painting, photography.