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Archive of the Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry (NIIKhP)
The Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry was formed as an independent institution in 1932, and the Museum of Folk Art (the former Museum of Crafts) was integrated into it.
V. S. Voronov and L. I. Sviontkovskaya-Voronova Archive
The family archive of V. S. Voronova and L. I. Sviontkovskaya-Voronova contains biographical documents, papers concerning their work, diaries, valuable manuscripts, letters, photo materials.
V. M. Vishnevskaya Archive
The archive contains manuscripts of published and unpublished works, preparatory materials for articles and lectures on folk decorative art, information on the masters of folk local crafts, letters, photo materials, drawings.
Ye. N. Khokhlova Archive
The archive contains Ye. N. Khokhlova manuscripts, materials associated with her professional activities, photo materials.