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Metal and stone / Artistic Metalwork in Russia. XVII-XX centuries


Punched brass, casting, engraving, embossment, tinplating

Tula, Workshop of Stepan Kiselyov, first quarter of the 19th century

Brass, casting, engraving, tin plating, embossing, hammering; wood

Tula. S. Kiselev workshop

КП 29370/1-5, ММ 692/1-5

Brass, shaping, casting, engraving, embossing, tin-plating

51 х 36 х 28 cm

Metal and Stone Department

A samovar has always been a symbol of the national culture and of family atmosphere in Russia, being a significant decorative element of any household or public interior. Therefore the shape of these items reflects all stages of the Russian history and the diversity of public tastes, presenting a variety of fashionable ideas and styles