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"Witnesses" of WWI. The First World War in the objects from private collections

Opening April, 24 - 19:00

In 2014, the 100th anniversary of the First World War . Museum could not stay away from this historic event and prepared an exhibition of artefacts of 1914-1918 , which were an integral part of those years , and today are unique artifacts. The exhibition will feature "witnesses" legendary events , extant photographs, postcards, posters and phototype from private collections S.A.Podstanitskogo , A.E.Snopkova , M.Ya.Chapkinoy , and other R.N.Nagapetyantsa collectors. Rare newsreel footage of the First World War, the Russian State Archive of Cinema ( GAKFD ) , captured fighting in the First World War, the Russian army military weekdays , visit the Emperor in the GHQ , collecting funds for the army, will be shown at the exhibition. A special place in the exposition will take unusual and already incomprehensible to today posters military loan ( to raise funds for military purposes ) and the amazing charity cards ( to raise funds to help the needy ); as well as a donation box , which collected a nurse for the wounded. Through these works the museum recreates the unique atmosphere of those years.
Part of the exhibits presented and subjects newsreel storing invaluable historical information about the war , never before exhibited to the public.
This exhibition was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the museum with private collectors , club of friends of the museum and the museum's opening to the various initiatives.

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