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Moscovia. Research
Photography, video

June 19 – July 15

Initially, Moscovia was the name of the territory within the boundaries of the Grand Principality of Moscow. Today the territory around the Russian capital is a separate administrative  subdivision of the country geographically, but the conceptual and actual borders of this region lie far beyond the boundaries of Moscow Oblast. This territory has its own specific sociocultural, ethnographic, anthropological and spiritual energy identity. The processes of urbanization and the expansion of Moscow borders with the emergence of the new Moscow influences greater and greater territories and forces the existing traditions and crafts to meet the demands of the center. The residents of the capital and of the region mix every day as they migrate between the urban and the suburban environment, transforming the city into suburban areas and and vice versa, building the unique visual traits of the present day Moscovia: deserted industrial zones, closed cities, urban metropolitan style development with new housing and trade districts, surviving landmarks and folk crafts, huge summer cottage developments.

Moscovia. Research will feature series of photographs and video by more than ten photo artists, and exhibits from the collection of our Museum: products of the Gzhel Porcelain Factory, of the Zhostovo Factory of Decorative Painting, Bogorodskoye toys, and many others.

Moscovia. Research is held as a part of the Russia. Research cooperation project between the Triumph Gallery and the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art devoted to the study of the Russian regions, especially of their landscapes, traditions, religions, and the way of life of ethnic groups which live there.

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