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On Samovars and Other Things… Exhibition Opening: June 10, 18:00Press show: 17:00Admittance: accreditation and invitations On June 11, the exhibition titled On Samovars and Other Things… devoted to the culture of tea and tea party traditions in Russia opens at the All-Russia Decorative Art Museum. In Russia, tea was mentioned for the first time in 1567, when Cossack chiefs Petrov and Yalyshev visited China and described this herb and the drink produced from it. But it was only in 1689, when the famous Treaty of Nerchinsk was signed with China, tea began to spread over the territory of Russia. The eastern drink proved to be so popular that it was soon one of the symbols of Russian cooking and of the Russian identity, bringing with it another indispensable attribute of the Russian feast – the samovar, which was first mentioned as a “vessel for heating tea” in 1740s. The exhibition will present objects associated with the appearance of tea in Russia: amazing XIX – XX centuries samovars from the collection of the museum, tea sets, tea shop signs, crates used to transport tea, various packaging for tea, sweats and other objects associated with the tea culture in Russia from the collections of the State Historical Museum, V. A. Tropinin Museum, Moscow Museum of Design, Museum of the Chocolate and Cacao History, the Tula Samovars Museum from the city of Tula where manual production of samovars started again, from the collections of A. Kusakin, A. Snopkov, S. Aleksandrov, M. Kurtser, and other private collections. The display will be amplified with the content associated with major tea traders’ dynasties, the traditions of the Russia tea party, and the creation of tea plantations in the territory of the former USSR. The main section of the show will present the emergence and history of the samovar, which is an indispensable part of the history of the Demidov family. A separate section of the show will tell about major Russian tea traders and the period when Russia was one of the main suppliers of tea in the world. The house of Perlovs, the most famous Moscow tea traders, emerged in 1700s, when this family made its first steps to promote tea among the urban dwellers and began to sell tea through retail outlets, offering lower prices. In 1896, during the preparations for the coronation ceremony of the future Emperor Nicholas II where the Extraordinary Ambassador and Chancellor of the Chinese Empire was expected to be present, Sergey Perlov renovated his building in the Myasnitskaya Street in the traditional Chinese style. The house resembled a Chinese pagoda after this renovation, and it is still there to be admired in the center of Moscow today. The exhibition will be on display till August 10, 2014. An educational quiz will be launched on the day when exhibition is open for visitors, and everybody can take part in it. Everybody can take part in the quiz till August 1st. In order to take part in this quiz show when the exhibition is open for visitors, one should: visit our museum; view the display of the exhibition; get a quiz questionnaire from the hall attendant; answer the questions on the form and put it in a special box in the hall of our exhibition. Winners will be announced on August 10, when the display is to be closed. Our main prize is a tea party at the museum and a free tour of the museum for your family. The winners will be defined by an expert jury headed by Museum Director Ye. V. Titova. For more information on this quiz, visit the website of our museum: Curator: Olga Yurkina, Exhibition Department Expert. VMDPNI press service: +7 495 609 01 30 +7 499 973 31 87