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Tyva in the Race of Time


The Tyva in the Race of Time exhibition is to open at the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art in September 2014. It is the first large-scale show to display the cultural heritage and unique art of the Tyva Republic. The show will be a part of the Tyva Days of Culture in Moscow, and it is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the union of Tyva and Russia and the founding of the republican capital. This project was made real with the support of Russian Geographic Society, the participation of the Tyva Republic National Museum, the Russian Ethnography Museum, Kunstkamera, the State Museum of Oriental Art, the RAS Institute of Material Culture, Dasha Namdakova Studio.

The structure of the show will follow the principle of the daily turnover: morning – day – evening – night, its reiteration and continuous renewal. The display will present objects surrounding Tyva people in their everyday life: kitchen utensils, clothing and headgear, yurts decorations, metalwork and stonework products, objects associated with smoking and harness, weapons, musical instruments, objects associated with religious worship. The ornamental art characteristic for this region makes it possible for its craftsmen to express their world outlook through the images and motifs of the plant, zoomorphic, and geometric ornaments. The show will display rare exhibits dated VII century B.C., contemporary objects, the results of archeological excavations in the region, making it possible to follow the succession of values and the survival of centuries-long traditions which Tuvinians have been keeping through generations in the course of many centuries.

The Tyva Republic is in the Center of Asia, it is an incredibly interesting region, hardly known even to the residents of Russia, which retained its traditions for millennia and made a huge step to modernity during the last hundred years. The Tyva in the Race of Time project is an emblematic event for the Museum of Decorative and Applied Art, and a part of its Heritage of Russia. Traditions for the Future program. A series of regional projects realized by the Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art is to expose Moscow residents to the wealth of culture the different regions and ethnic groups of Russia.

Recitals of the famous Tyvinian overtone singing, lectures on the history of Tyva, round-table discussions and many other events are planned to coincide with this show.