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On February 1, the visitors of the museum will see a unique Horse Ride carpet woven by Turkmenian craftsmen in 1938 from the collection of the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. The carpet has no analogues. It depicts a legendary Ashgabat – Moscow Horse Ride of 1935 involving Akhal-Teke and Yomud breeds. The carpet is displayed in Russia for the first time, before that the public could view it only once, at the New York World Expo 1939.

The participants of the legendary ride covered 4,300 km separating Ashgabat and Moscow in record-breaking time: 84 days. Almost a quarter of their trip went over the sand and rocks, and 350 kilometers were to be traveled through the Kara Kum desert where no water was available. The ride was the proof of the Turkmen thoroughbred horses’ stamina in severe climate and their ability to quickly restore their strength, the characteristic that made them useful for the Red Army cavalry which was regarded as a strategically important component of the armed forces then.

The carpet dedicated to this glorious event was designed by artist A. Savosin and manufactured by Ogul Curbin Bekky, Edje Kyz Pashiyeva and Ogul Curbin Aga, craftswomen. The artist set up a difficult task for himself: he wanted to show the participants of the ride during their trip, in motion, which wasn’t that simple in the media of piled carpet weaving. The high density of weaving (4,800–5,000 knots per 1 decimeter), low pile, more than 50 colors and different shades allowed the artist to depict the beauty of nature, of movement, facial expressions, and the peculiarities of horses.

The exhibits of the display, films and photographs of the 1930s will help the visitor to learn about the historical personages who took part in the Horse Ride, they tell the story of the legendary horses involved in the race, display the traditions and innovations in the art of the Turkmen carpet weaving.


The Triumph Gallery is the partner of this show


The Legendary Horse Ride show will be on display from February 1 to March 2.

Accreditation is necessary for mass media representatives to access the preview.