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09.10.2015 — 08.11.2015

Татьяна Хромосеева, коллекция SASONKO "Балет" - миниатюра "Майя", 2015

Иванов Д.И. «Т. Карсавина в роли Жар-птицы» из собрания фарфора 20-х гг. ВМДПНИ

Е.А. Янсон-Манизер. «Одетта - Галина Уланова». Бронза. 1940 г.

"Stories of Russian Ballet"

October 9 - November 8, 2015

The exhibition "Stories of Russian Ballet" offers a contemporary look at the art of Russian ballet in its current and historical aspects. The Russian ballet traditionally has a high status in the cultural life of the state and has been for a long time an associative range of Russian art and  the hallmark of our country abroad. The Russian ballet keeps its aesthetic canons and a legislator of a classical choreography around the world. And nowadays the Russian ballet does not leave the audience indifferent, inspires creative people, gathers outstanding personalities, comprehensively gifted in different spheres of art.

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