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26.09.2015 — 26.10.2015


6th Moscow biennale od contemporary art
September 26th - October 26th, 2015

Curated by Alena Ivanova-Johanson

Tatiana Badanina
Mila Dolman
Konstantin Zvezdochetov
Alena Ivanova-Johanson
Katerina Kovaleva
Irina Korina
Vladimir Nasedkin
Kirill Rubtsov
Daria Surovtseva
Oleg and Olga Tatarintsev

The project arose from a desire to see in the museum not only the permanent exhibition, thathas not changed for many years, but a renewal, via the introduction of the new, the active,the real, without destroying the already existing exhibition that is the result of sustained workover many years. The idea of the introduction of works of contemporary art into thepermanent exhibitions of classical museums is not new. However, the theme, ‘intervention’came into being contextually, especially for All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. Thepieces, made by artists specifically for this exhibition, penetrate directly into the themedrooms, the exhibits of which barely change. With the help of the interaction of contemporarypieces and museum exhibits we want to see the continuity and evolutionary development ofart and to get a sense of the time in which we live. At the same time tosee the variety ofthe traditional and the contemporary. The viewer, coming into the museum, is given a map ofmovement through the exhibition. In the search for a specific piece, the visitor sees also itssurroundings, and pays attention to the interaction between that which belongs to themuseum and that which has been newly introduced. A new space is created and new ideasare born.Almost all of the objects are made from materials and technologies relating to each room ofthe Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts: ceramic, textiles, wood, stone, metal.Contemporary artists continue to work with traditional materials, endowing the works of artwith new ideas.
Alena Ivanova-Johanson

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