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20.01.2016 — 23.02.2016

"Якутия. Первый снег". Свиридов Н.А. 1965 г. Картон, масло

"Художник Голубев на этюдах". Вайшля Л. И. 1965 г. Оргалит, масло

"Избушка в два окна". Дубов А. Ф. 1973 г. Картон, масло


"Russian Winter"

January 20 - February 23, 2016

In the new thematic exhibition "Russian Winter" presents landscapes and genre works by artists of the second half of the twentieth century, on the themes of "winter", "winter sports", "winter holiday".The exhibition - paintings of such outstanding artists as V. Volodin, A. Zhuravlev, N. Solomin, J. Kozlov, P. Rubinsky, A. Dubov, I. Razdrogin, L. Vajshlja, V. Proshkin and many others.Subject of the Russian winter is shown at the exhibition in the works of artists of the Soviet period and in the works of contemporary authors, who has an individual style and manner of painting. Representatives of various art schools, they are equally accurately convey the exceptional, fantastic atmosphere of Russian winter, with snow-covered city streets, parks and alleys, covered with frost, Russian hinterland villages listed white, clean snow; all the themes and motifs, close to the Russian people.The exhibition can be seen as the urban and rural landscape and genre works, representing the Russian academic school of painting.