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05.03.2016 — 17.04.2016

Ковш. Пермогорье, Вологодская губ., XIX в. Дерево, долбление, резьба, роспись

Ложка шаманская. Якутия, Сунтарский улус, с. Тойбохой, конец XIX в. Дерево (береза), резьба

Ложка. Горьковская обл., до 1925 г. Дерево, точение, резьба, роспись хохломского типа

"The wooden spoon"

March 5 - April 10, 2016

We are pleased to present the exhibition project, we tried to show the diversity of a familiar thing -wooden spoon. Presented spoons from the museum's collection - from the buckets of the XIX century to the handmade spoons from the late 1960s - complements by the Viktor Karpov’s collection of modern carved spoons, that were gathered in different parts of our country. Exhibition objects are made from different types of wood, an unusual way to express the beauty of natural wood texture.

Our exhibition presents more than 120 spoons from various regions of the country - from Arkhangelsk to Yakutia. The diverse range of subject supplemented with the graphic materials, as well as rare photographs and sketches from the V.M. Vishnevskaya and V.A. Baradulin archives.

The earliest of the presented items - buckets, made in the XIX century in the Russian North and the Volga region.