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Иван Ходырев

Светлана Липкина

Андрей Боровский

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Светлана Озерова

Ольга Глаголева

Наталья Юнг

The project will include lectures, public lectures, discussions, presentations and other formats of events. Modern Russian designers who create clothes, accessories, furniture, dishes, decor elements, interiors will tell about their projects and try to answer the question: what is the "Russian style" and what does this concept mean personally for them?

The idea and program of the project was developed by the Center for Fashion and Design. This is a unique cultural and educational project, which has no analogues among other cultural and educational sites in Moscow.

The cycle of events is timed to the opening of the updated exposition "Russian Style. From historicism to modernity "in the main building of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied and Folk Art. It was in the Art Nouveau style that national and romantic trends were born, related to the search for their own identity, originality and characteristic features of their national culture and art. The work of Russian artists reinterpreting national traditions caused a wave of interest in Russian culture in Russia, fine and decorative and applied art, theater, fashion. Appeal to the sources, to folk traditions and art, their new interpretation is also one of the trends of modern Russian society and domestic design.