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In the exhibition space of the central halls of the Main House of the Osterman Estate, an exposition is opened, revealing the problems of the formation and development of the Russian style in the decorative and applied art from the period of "historicism" of the 1830s-1870s to the "neo-Russian style" - an essential facet of Russian modernism (1880s - 1900s). 

The exposition includes works of wood, metal, glass, ceramics, interior items, graphics (drawings, sketches), samples of fabrics, suits, heels, toys that allow to fully represent the evolution of Russian style from the "citations" use of art techniques and motifs of folk and ancient Russian art, characteristic for the era of "historicism" for creative interpretation by artists of the national-romantic direction of Viktor Vasnetsov, Elena Polenova, Alexander Golovin, Sergei Malyutin, Nikolai Roerich the decorative language and ornamental forms of folk and early Russian art, to their transformation into a new plastic system of Russian modernity.