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The library fund contains 60,000 books, 3,500 of them are in foreign languages. From the earliest time the fund kept unique issues of the Apollon (Apollo), Zolotoye Runo (Golden Fleece), Old Years, The Capital and the Manors magazines, and others.

The library also contained unpublished and visual materials of the Scientific Research Institute of Art Industry on decorative, applied and folk art (drawings made by artists during the field studies of the Russian folk costume, folk needlework, wood painting and carving in many regions of Russia).

Taking into account the specialization of library, the history of its creations, and to provide for better safety and conservation of rare editions and for their introduction into scientific research, more than a half of the library fund containing literature, photo and visual materials, field studies data, unpublished scientific papers have been transferred to the Rare Books Department.

The Library Department participates in the work of the Moscow Association of Art Libraries of the Russian Library Association. It pursues an active book exchange program with other libraries and museums, and distributes the publications of the Museum.

Our bibliographers are always ready to help our readers, they pursue bibliography research. Book displays in the halls of the Museum and in the reading hall of the library are frequently updated.