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"Bright Voskresenskoe" - a solo exhibition of the artist - ceramist Valentina Kuznetsova - member of the Union of Artists of Russia , Honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The exhibition will be held at the Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art from November 1 to December 8, 2013 . Valentina Kuznetsova has its recognizable creative style , freely interpreting the aesthetics of naïve art in organic connection with the author's small sculptures . Sculpture V. Kuznetsova , being bright , extraordinary phenomenon copyright art wonder exactly combines the tradition of folk pottery and sculptural plasticity of the twentieth century . Valentina Kuznetsova works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Historical Museum , Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the State Museum of AS Pushkin , etc.


ARTNIGHT in All-russian Decorative Art Museum


From 6 to 25 November 2013 at the Russian Museum of Decorative , Applied and Folk Art presents the results of the national contest " The modern art of sewing."

While this grand opening of the Second International Festival of Decorative Arts " Patchwork Mosaic \ Patchwork Mosaic- 2013 ", which will be attended by leading Moscow museum and exhibition centers , exhibition of artists representing patchwork and quilt Gallery XXI century (6-30 November) Gallery "Belyaevo" (7-21 November) , The State Museum "Tsarina" (November 19 - February 10).


A personal exhibition Emilia Taratuta "Emilia Taratuta. Decorative sculpture. Faience. Ceramics", Moscow ceramic artist, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Moscow Union of Artists. He works mainly in E. Taratuta - chamber decorative sculpture made in earthenware and fireclay . Main themes of the artist - the man and the world around him, and the main characters sculptures - urban and rural residents. A special place in the artist's take pictures of birds and animals organically composed with the surrounding scenery.


On November 20, 2013 at the Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art opens a major exhibition "Russian lacquer miniature. Tradition and modernity ", which will provide the public domain of the Russian and world culture - more than 500 best works of the founders of lacquer painting, the work of contemporary artists.


13-14 November in London under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Olga Golodets and Speaker of the House of Lords Baroness Frances D'Souza UK hosted a meeting of the Organizing Committee for the 2014 Year of Russian Culture in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , the British culture Russian Federation, which resulted in a press conference .


At the turn of Gothic and Renaissance: from complex to simple
The program includes music of France, Burgundy, Italy, the Netherlands and the XIV - XVI centuries: Johannes polyphonic songs Cicogna, Solazha, Boda cords Giglio Dufay, Italian Bartolomeo frottoly Trombonchino, works by anonymous authors.


November 19 at the Russian Museum of Decorative , Applied and Folk Arts hosts a major exhibition " Russian lacquer miniature . Tradition and modernity " in the exhibition which included about 500 unique exhibits of traditional schools of lacquer miniature Fedoskino , Palekh , and Mstera Kholui . Guests will see the exhibition of lacquer paintings of prominent artists of the past and their modern successors, whose works were first presented to the public . In the run-up to the November 14 to 16 at the Museum of the international conference " Modern Russian lacquer miniature " whose purpose was to identify the actual problems of conservation and development of fisheries in Russia.


On November 24, the closing day of the exhibition "Treasures of the Russian style" ceremony summarizing and award prizes educational quiz dedicated to the exhibition. A raffle was held among the winners in the audience I travel.


Round Table "Museum in a modern city. Visitor - Museum - State: Problems of Interaction "