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Kalevala - a settlement in the north of Karelia , named in honor of the national epic, which is mainly composed of runes collected at these locations Finnish linguist and doctor Elias Lönnrot . Epic tells of the exploits of heroes and life of ancient heroes Karels, especially about family life , rituals and conspiracies. As a result, the Karelian epic went into the foundation of the Finnish nation , and in their place of origin - left point on the map where artists Igor Starkov and Daria Andreeva found traces of cultural memory .


Master Class will be interesting to those who want to try yourself in the role of a wizard-decorator friends with unique tools for decoration in 3D from Marvy, and create their own unique decoration on a Christmas tree.


On December 11 the Dance of Palace Dolls exhibition opens, it will present the best collection of musical boxes and mechanical dolls owned by David Yakobashvili, the best in the contemporary global collecting practice. The display will feature artworks, exceptional in their aesthetical and technical solutions, demonstrating practically all types of mechanical music playing objects of the XIX–XX centuries, and a wide range of plots and topics behind them illustrates the history of the mechanical musical devices culture.


Singing is an amazing process that is useful for the body and soul at the same time, it helps to release, reveal themselves with a new, bright side. In class club included singing training, familiarity with the musical traditions of Russia, Europe, ancient music, and of course most importantly - singing together . They will be equally interesting to both novices and people singing for a long time.


12 and 19 December . Master class " Faience Tale" Valentina Kuznetsova. You have a unique opportunity for the two classes to perform a souvenir from porcelain , which can be an original gift for Christmas and New Year .


Unfortunately, most contemporary children and teenagers cannot imagine their life without computers, smartphones and other gadgets, but their grannies and grandfathers remember well unsophisticated wooden toys with simple mechanisms. Children and grownups visiting the Bogorodskoye Poem show will discover the amazing world of carved Bogorodskoye toys, the world many generations grew in. This craft can be regarded as a unique phenomenon of Russian culture with the history that exceeds 300 years.


From December 17 to January 19, the tour program titled Christmas in the Osterman House will be held at the museum. The visitors will learn how Christmas was celebrated at a noble’s estate of the XIX century, how the front room was decorated, and what dance opened the Christmas ball. The holiday voyage will continue through the museum exhibition halls. You will be able to see the collection of the famous Bogorodskoye toys, have a chance to bring the Bogorodskoye bear “to life”. You’ll meet the characters of Russian folk tales produced in the media of lacquer miniature by the famous Palekh artists. And in conclusion you’ll see clockwork dolls and musical mechanisms at the Dance of Palace Dolls  from the collection of D. Yakobashvili.