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The Museum Enlightenment Center of the All-Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied and Fork Art has been successfully functioning for more than a decade. The goal of the Enlightenment Center is to introduce the guests of the Museum to the world of the decorative and applied art of the XVII-XXI centuries.

One of the main lines in its work is devoted to the traditional peasant art. In a close encounter with the authentic artifacts and the aesthetical structure of folk art the participants of our programs rediscover for themselves common human values (love for nature, for the family, for the land of their ancestors), the values underlying traditional culture which are especially important today.

The programs of the Museum Enlightenment Center are unique, the have been developed by the Museum researchers on the basis of authored methods and adapted to the needs of all ages of our visitors.

Sessions of the programs are conducted in dialogue format, in live communication with artifacts. They make an extensive use both of the main display of the Museum, of the huge potential of its rich funds, and of the game collection. The arrangement of the aesthetical environment of the session makes it possible for the participants to feel the spirit of a certain epoch or tradition presented by the program.

Sessions always involve the elements of a game or theatrical action and imply independent creative work at the studio.